Our mission is to end music piracy by completely educating the public on the subject and allowing them to develop knowledgable opinions against piracy; potentially leading them to act on these opinions.  

The Tale of Our Emergence...

 My name is Jordan, and stopping pirates is in my blood.  Back in the 1500's, my great great great... grandfather was robbed of his belongings and left with nothing.  After going to the authorities, they said there was nothing they could do, because he was robbed by pirates and they were already on their way.  He devoted the rest of his life to stopping pirates from doing this to other helpless victims.  With his trusty vessel The Booty Hunter and various mercenaries hired from the British Armada, he hunted down pirates, but he never killed any of them.  Instead he brought them all to the authorities.
          Almost five hundred years later, I found his journal and was moved by his actions.  I dedicated myself to continue his work, but in a more modern way.  Named after his ship, The Booty Hunter, we exist to stop all music piracy.
          Then I encountered Sarah.  She was a troubled women who was going through some hard times and needed to save money so she pirated music.  Many saw her as a criminal, but after the many recent lawsuits that have ruined pirates lives, she saw the light.  More than that, she decided to take steps against piracy.  She joined the Booty Hunters and is now President of the group.
          Caroline and Briana were two of the best pirate hunters for the Recording Industry Association of America.  However, after years of catching dozens of pirates, they decided they did not like how the RIAA was going about stopping them.  Individual lawsuits were too tedious and they did not always punish the pirates accurately for their crimes.  Often, they sued for extremely high prices.  The two crusaders wanted to help the public by encouraging them to stop doing it, not punish those that already did.  With this realization, they joined the Booty Hunters.