Pros & Cons

  • Free downloading promotes artists
          By downloading and distributing artists mp3 files,
          pirates are advertising for the artists and
          exposing others to their music for free.
  • Free downloading can lead to later purchases
          If someone pirates a song that they genuinely like
          they may want to purchase the album for a keep-
          sake item.  Pirating can promote future purchases
          that, without it, may never have been made.
  • Legally purchasing music can be expensive
          The majority of the pirating generation are teens 
          and college age students; both of which are not 
          exposed to the means to legally purchase the
          music that they like to listen to.  It is simply easier
          for them to download them for free.  
  • Illegal
          Stealing is defined as taking and claiming any
          item without the permission of the rightful owner.
          That is exactly what pirating is.  And theft is a
          serious crime in the eyes of law enforcement.
  • Insult and harmful to the artists
          By stealing music from them, the artists are likely 
          to feel betrayed by their supposed fans and to feel 
          like their talent isn't appreciated.  Also, some
          bands make a living off of the revenue they get 
          from legitimate sales--such as indie bands.  By 
          stealing their music, you are potentially making
          it very hard for them to do simple things like pay
          their rent (Harding).
  • Potentially harmful to the pirate
          Illegally downloading mp3 files from the internet 
          can open up pirates' computers to some very nasty
  • Negatively affects economy
          Not only do artists lose money due to pirating,
          but the recording labels who invest their money in
          the artists do, the people who advertise for the
          artists, and the loyal fans end up having to spend
          more money to legitimately support the artists to
          make up for the money lost due to pirating.